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KorraNation grand prize giveaway!

I have won the grand prize in KorraNation and I’m giving it away! All you have to do to win is reblog this post.

  • If you have Twitter, you can gain an additional entry by retweeting this tweet.
  • If you have a YouTube account, you can gain an additional entry by commenting “I wanna win” on this video.
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I will be giving a heads up that if you win, KorraNation aren’t really reliable with prizes so if you have not received your prize by January 31st, I will deliver anything of $50 or under from to your house to make up for that.

  • Contest is for US only!
  • Winner will be announced on Friday 6th December and the winner will have until Monday 9th December to supply me with their address!
  • Image I used above this post is not the exact image you will receive. Read more about the image you will receive on KorraNation’s official post here.

Thanks for your entries and enjoy the Christmas season!











This is why its annoying when people say its sooooooo much more expensive to eat healthy.


I go shopping for my entire family—I draw up the grocery list, I go to the store, I pick up the food, I know how much we pay for the goddamn stuff.

YOU CAN NOT FIND THIS SHIT FOR THAT FUCKING CHEAP. I don’t know where these morons went to get these prices but fuck them, cause nowhere around here is food like this that cheap. Where the fuck are they buying 2 pounds of chicken breast for $2? Not to mention, you can’t just buy some off brand shit and expect it to taste the same as the brand food that most people want.

This is not taking into account the time it takes to make food! I can spend hours shopping then returning to cook meals or I can go down the road and pick up something to eat in five minutes.

Fuck everything.

Thank you LH for your commentary!
No but for real though Danielle and I get our food from Aldi, aka cheapest food around, and I have *never* seen ground beef at even 80% lean for less than 3 bucks a pound. I agree with LH these prices are either fudged or not from this decade

I happen to work in a grocery store, so let me break that big top photo down for you into actual prices for the Greater Boston area:

- 1 box Morningstar burgers: $4.99

- 1 pound lean ground beef (I’ve never heard of 96% lean but you think 10 lbs of potatoes is $2 so): ~$4.63

- 1 lb cashews: at least $6. Organic will run you $9 or $10.

- 1 lb strawberries: $6.99 WHEN THEY’RE IN SEASON (a pint costs $5). In the winter expect to spend about $8 or $9.

- let’s just pretend you meant 1 pound of potatoes, okay?: $1.99 - $2.49 per pound, depending on variety.

- 1 gallon of real orange juice: $5.49

- 1 pound of frozen mixed vegetables: $1.99

- 1 bunch of broccoli: I forget but I think it’s $1.99 or $2.49

- 1 pound of pintos: $2.39

Let’s add that up, shall we?

That brings us out to $37 on the conservative side. 

In short: fuck you, fuck your assumptive classism, go away. 



where the fuck do you get 10 pounds of potatoes for 2 dollars

You can’t even get 1 pound of potatoes for 2 bucks get out of here witg your rich, classist, “get fit or die” bullshit

Not to mention that in poor & heavily poc neighborhoods food prices are higher. Though even in my majority white suburban middle class neighborhood I have never seen anything near this cheap.

a gallon of orange juice for $3? please tell me where in the entire world orange juice is $3 a gallon. i want to live there -hn elly

i love watching this post get torn the fuck apart

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